Based in Los Angeles, Ted was drawn to the west to explore its photographic potential. Growing up in the midwest
he spent a good deal of time outdoors, appreciating his visual surroundings at an early age — first drawing, then painting,
and eventually photographing — with a focus on the natural world. Ted treats black and white photography with a great
reverence for tradition, utilizing film and large format view cameras ranging from 4x5, 8x10, and 11x14 inches. His custom
darkroom is where the photographs come alive, with long hours spent fine tuning prints to translate his vision on to paper.
Ted’s work has been published in View Camera Magazine and featured in solo shows and group exhibitions nationwide.
When he's not working as a graphic designer, Ted enjoys spending time outdoors — in the mountains, along the coast,
in the desert, or even in his own back yard — exploring material to photograph.